Mission: To facilitate advanced research in various fields of Science & Technology at Nanoscale leading to the development of innovative products for societal benefits.

Vision: To establish the Centre of Excellence in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for developing technologies through Research, Awareness and Consultancy


  • Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) - Microtech Srl, Italy
  • RF Magnetron Sputtering - Plassys, France
  • DC Magnetron Sputtering - Hind High Vacuum, Bangalore
  • Thermal Evaporator - Hind High Vacuum, Bangalore
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) - Mansha Vacuum Technologies, Bangalore
  • E-Beam Evaporator - Plassys, France
  • X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD-SMART lab) - Rikagu, JAPAN
  • Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope(FESEM-SUPRA 55) - CARL ZEISS, GERMANY
  • Atomic Force Microscope(AFM) - NTMDT, Ireland
  • Optical microscope - OLYMPUS, Japan
  • Epifluorescence Microscope - Nikon, Japan
  • Precision Cutting Machine - STRUERS, Denmark
  • Polishing Machine - STRUERS, Denmark
  • Ball Mill - Mansha Vacuum Technologies, Bangalore
  • Millipore Water Purification System (MilliQ)
  • Ultrasonic Bath (Sonicator)
  • Probe Type Sonicator
  • Laminar Flow
  • pH meter
  • Bacteriological Incubator
  • Hot Air Oven
  • Rotary Shakers
  • Glass Filter Funnels
  • Dispensers Bottle Top
  • Centrifuge
  • Heating Mantle
  • Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate
  • Autoclave
  • Electronic Single Pan balance
  • Water Bath
  • Vortex Shaker
  • Cyclo Mixer

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM)

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Pulsed Laser Deposition Unit

X-Ray Diffractrometer

E Beam Evaporator

RF Magnetron Sputtering Unit

DC Magnetron Sputtering Unit

Thermal Evaporator

Chemical Vapor Deposition Unit

Optical Microscope

Epifluorescence Microscope

Precision Cutting Machine
Polishing Machine

Ball Mill

Upright Microscope

Bio Lab

Chemical Lab